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My Books

I can help patch up a Relationship or tell you where the right one for you is. I'm not your average Psychic, I truly use my gift by Guardian Angels and have well known celebrities around me like Nostradamus and Elvis Presley. God is also my Teacher.  Also I can repeat word for word what loved ones from the other side are saying and what they are up to now. Even what they think about their will etc. I can even tell you how they died or what your pets are thinking. Do they love their food or what is wrong with them?

I am also a Teacher.  If you would like to see your own future and get in touch with your own Guardian Angels,call me. And I have the perfect Demon protection for those that are the victim of Spiritual warfare. The New Age Bible is a Psychic Clairvoyants Manual for those that want to learn to be the best psychic. It can be purchased and downloaded online from Amazon Kindle or the Google PlayStore. Scroll down if you would like more info on the kind of Medium I am and what my future lies for you.


Clairvoyants Manual, channelled by God (Aliza)

Haunted Houses, Getting Rid of Demons, Help the Possessed, Undoing Spells, Protection from Spells, What to say before you do a Reading to get to a Higher Level, How to get some body to Read you from a Distance, and still have Respect in tack. Warriors, How to Pray, How to make your Dreams Come true in Love and Career. Crystals. Meditation. Cleansing Tecniques for Home and Body. Ect Every Thing you need to Know to become a Great Medium (Psychic)

Package, Clairvoyant Manual and The New Age Bible, the Story both books as a package


The New Age Bible, The Story

You work out God, his Angels and all those Psychics for your self through my life Story


This book, has a lot of my Teachings in it, and how to deal with your Angels if they are not treating you right....How to defend yourself? It someone wants to kill you? And, has a lot of Music

Also, the book has Readings, to an Entertainer that I have been Courting Spiritually for 30 yrs, up to 2020


How to win, Lottery Prize Winnings Karmically

If someone has done you wrong or owes you? This is how you take them Karmically to win Compensation and receive payments in Prize Winnings......This is how they all do it on the other side......? No prize winning is accidental......It is all owed to you for good deeds or someone owes you......? Channelled By God, Aliza.....


The Complete Guide To Spell Protection

Learn Spell protection techniques that clairvoyant psychic mediums use to ward against wrong doers and evil.


The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual...Wolf ( Universal)

Undoing Spells, and protection from Spells, The Possessed, How to Pray. Protection From Demons.


Readings For Robbie Williams By Charmaine

The New Age Bible The Story

My Music (Channeled By Elvis Presley)

Some Thing an't quite right, Fella

Something Aint Quite Right Fella
Something aint quite right Fella
That I know
I'm speaking about when you
Go real low low low
Something aint quite right Fella
I think fella you should know

It knocks me out
And moves real good
But something aint right
When you go real low

She's a knockout
You know what I mean
The temperature is rising
Lets keep it clean
Something aint quite right fella
And I think you should know

Women have been dishing back what the men dish out to them Ha Ha !

Music (Channeled By Elvis Presley)

Give Us our Smokes Back, you Bastards ?

(Channeled by Elvis Presley)

Please Mr. shopkeeper
Can you help me
I've got no smokes
And I'm broke as can be

Please Mr. shopkeeper
Show some hospitality
Can I have some
Smokes on credit
I haven't got a cent on me

Smokes on credit
Yeah that's the way
Smokes on credit
Till I get paid
Mr. shopkeeper
You've made my day
Smokes on credit
Yeah that's the way

You have more than enough
I'll pay you back
When I get paid
So show some hospitality
Then I'll be on my way!


Bad Karma, Negativity, hating you job, hating your Mrs, your life your kids and self hatred is what causes all these Cancers and bad Karma The Government are just after the revenue, they don't give Rats Ass about your Health.Smoking is a Peace pipe Get rid of all the Negative issues above and it will be a better World and a Healthier longer life.

ACDC Charmaine
Channeled by Elvis Presley)


The angels in the sky call out her name
The devil will no longer have his rain
Charmaine nanananana Charmaine
Nanananana Charmaine nananananana Charmaine

Tell your daughters tell your sons
God is here and a whole lot more
He’ll knock you dead with presents galore
See your future see your past
It’s really quite easy, and will make you laugh
Nananananana Charmaine nananananana Charmaine


Play your fate play your game
It’s better than being pregnant and nothing to gain
Riches are that, For god’s people
And laughter, tears are no more
He’ll put you on a pedestal
So high in the sky
The righteous man, he don’t lie
Nanananana Charmaine nanananana Charmaine


Animals are precious
Cuddles in the night
And take away, away your fight
Love them, and never let them die
Never mistreat them or by
God you will be denied
Get out your taro’s, get out your crystal balls
Heaven going to show you what’s in store.

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