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Psychic Charmaine

Robbie Williams and the  Government     Lets fix the world debt together

Meet Charmaine

Clairvoyant Medium & Teacher of 30 Years

Psychic Charmaine's Vision

Robbie Williams and the Government Let's fix the world debt together By bringing Spirituality out in the open with my life story and works Elvis Presley and God, Aliza are my Teachers And I have a Hydrogen Car to put off, and my books, movies and music etc to give

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Robbie Williams And The Government

Robbie Williams and the Government

Let's fix the World Debt together

By Bringing Spirituality out in the open, through my life Story and works

Elvis Presley is my Teacher, and so is God,  Aliza

I have a Hydrogen car which I want the government's backing, it should cost no more than $ 250,000 but things are increasing...

My Son's will do it, he's a Mechanical Engineer. and soon to be an Electrical engineer, Supervisor in the mines and mine rescue, and more...

I have the Movie to give you

I have the new age Bibles the Story, Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Clairvoyant Manual channelled by God, Aliza

Spell Protection book

How to win Lotteries, Karmically   (sue every bastard)

My Daily Prayers

Celebrity booklets


Especially for you CD    54 songs


All this if you back my Hydrogen Car


Robbie I want no money, just help to get the Government to come forward.   You have been in my sleep regularly for 30 years, so this means something?

I have been courting an Entertainer for 30 years, on the dance floor, he has made me what I am today, I could not have done it without his moral support.   I have been on my own for over 30 years


I am American Born

Australian Citizen

D.O.B.   07 07 1965

Robbie Williams
Certificate,   The Prime Minister  final

Lets Fix The World's Debt Together


My Music
(Channeled by Elvis Presley)

My Books

Clairvoyants Manual, channelled by God (Aliza)

The New Age Bible,The Story

How to win, Lottery Prize Winnings Karmically

The Complete Guide To Spell Protection

The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual...Wolf

Readings For Ricky Martin By Charmaine

Reading For Robbie William By Charmaine

Readings For Donald Trump By Charmaine

Readings For "The Candy Man" By Charmaine 

Readings For Pauline Hanson By Charmaine

Begin Your Spiritual Journey Today. Book a Consultation with Charmaine.


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